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About Us

We visit in person, like your mother-in-law.

Oyster is the Hotel Tell-All. We send professional investigators to every hotel, and we publish comprehensive high-resolution photos, amazing panoramas, and expert reviews. Our photos aren't doctored and our reviews are honest, so you know exactly what you're going to get before you arrive.


Investigators in the
field on any given day.


New hotels added to each month.


Countries visited.


Total hotels visited.


Executive Editor

  • Kelsey Blodget

Senior Editor

  • Maria Teresa Hart


  • Alisha Prakash
  • Stefanie Waldek
  • Kyle Valenta
  • Megan Wood
  • Rachel Klein
  • Lara Grant
  • Anne Olivia Bauso

Photo & Video Manager

  • Jeremiah Unruh

Senior Photo Editor

  • Laura Hinely

Photo & Video Operations

  • Noemi de la Torre
  • Shiri Barnett
  • Elizabeth Allocca
  • Melissa Martinez

Oyster on TV

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See More is a TripAdvisor Media Group Company was acquired by TripAdvisor in October 2013. It operates independently and has an independent editorial voice. Oyster has its headquarters in New York with offices in London, UK and Boston, MA.

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